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Friday, August 28, 2009

Up for the Challenge...

Have you ever noticed how negative you can be? I hadn't. There is a scripture that says "out of the heart the mouth speaks." We had a speaker this week that challenged us about being negative; one - because you don't realize the impact that it makes on others around you and two - because you don't realize the root of your negativity. So for 24 hours my school was to not speak anything negative. Just to clarify that is negative words, having a negative attitude, gossip, slander, or harboring negative thoughts in your head/heart. If you did, then you needed to repent to God and to anyone you were negative with and then ask someone to pray with you. This really brought to light how I walk in negativity. A lot of time not actually speaking out my negativity (although I did - twice) but mainly harboring negative thoughts in my head. It really brings to light roots of ugly, worldly views that I take on my situations. It really allowed me to go deeper in my heart and pray into pulling up these roots to replace then with characteristic of the kingdom - patience, love, kindness. It is really a way of life that I have been challenged to keep up with, allow the Holy Spirit to convict me when I am being negative. So I challenge you to try it, let me know how it goes. What does God reveal or what do you learn during the 24 hours.

I am excited to proclaim God's amazing provision. I want to take you guys on this journey with my class and I because I think it is such an incredible testimony of God's faithfulness. We as a whole class (16 students which includes one family of 5, one family of 2, and 14 single girls and 8 staff members which includes one family of 5, one family of 2, and 4 single girls) needed
230, 697.75 dollars to go on outreach for the next year. God has provided 146,755.35 dollars all ready!!!! It is amazing to hear stories on a daily basis of God bringing people into this circle of giving to see His kingdom brought to Tanzania, India, Philippines, and Afghanistan (this is where we will be going this next year). There are girls who have had people that just paid money into their accounts and they don't know where it came from. Then one girl received a book from a friend and as she was flipping through the book started to realize there were 100 dollar bills in between pages! Praise God. He is so creative with His ways. I am excited to proclaim how He has brought people into my life that have been such a blessing in this area. Their obedience overwhelms me and truly displays the character of God.

Well we (my school and I) have had a big week this week learning about the spiritual dynamics of birth. I will post more soon! Love you all!

You are blessed to be a blessing.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Another week gone....

I can't believe how these weeks are flying by!! It is amazing! We have just finished week 7 of our 12 week course. Before I know it we will be on a plane to Tanzania! 

I am excited to share amazing praise reports of God's faithfulness! He has provided all the money that I need to cover my expenses for my school and outreach! Praise God! It is amazing to be able to partner together with people to see God's plan move into action. 

One thing that I have come to realize this week is how important it is for all of us to take the gifts, talents, skills God has given us and practice them, then put them to use for the world. It breaks my heart to learn more and more about the statistics of what is going on in the world, how many are dying, and how many are orphaned, widowed, malnourished, abused, ect. The list goes on and on. I often wonder why me? Why did I get privileged to be in a family with a home, with food, with opportunity, freedom, education, considered by the worlds standards one of the richest people in the world because of the things that I have. This questions doesn't really have an answer but is more a motivation to use the gifts God gave me to the fullest. I have to keep learning about God, my skills, life. I am understanding more and more how this process of "getting saved" is more than just a prayer, it is a major lifestyle shift. So the process of "getting people saved" is more of a lifetime commitment, not a one time invitation. I want to be committed to living like Jesus, not just being saved by Him. I want to be committed to learning and doing, so I can teach and disciple others. Not just save them but bring a holistic kingdom of God to them. By taking my gifts out to the world and using them to the fullest I believe I can be used by God to see this happen. 

Man this is a big task, as I write this I realize the hugeness of these words and their implications. I know I don't have all the answers, nor do I fully know what the kingdom of God looks like, nor do I know the slightest bit of God's magnitude, but I do know what He has done for me. I do know that I want to commit my life to finding out as much as possible about God, more about how to show people what His love looks like, and more about bringing His holistic kingdom to anyone that will have it. 

Well I think I just took you all on some processing with me, because I really wasn't planning on writing all of that! haha. Maybe God needed me to openly commit to the call He has placed on my life. That is cool too. 

Well I love you.

You are blessed to be a blessing

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Knowledge..

A point worth remembering... God is not interested in what we do that is FOR God, as much as He is interested in the what we do WITH God. 
This is huge in making me stop and think why I do the things that I do. Why do I do mission work, try and walk in love, or why do I try and serve people? Is it because I think that is what I have to do to show God how good I am at following His rules or is it because He is walking that way and I want to be walking with Him? This really challenges me on a daily basis to really check my heart attitude and my motivations. I am undeserving of the relationship that I get to experience with the God of the Universe, and I get a chance to jump in a walk with Him because of Jesus Christ. I don't want to leave that relationship. I don't want to read the Bible and see the outline of "what to do" when you follow God. I want to everyday walk with God where He is. He told me I would find Him in Perth Australia so here I am. I can not do His work without His calling. I can go and try to change people's lives outside His calling, but I could stay in His calling and possible see Him change nations. He is a big God and uses ever single one of us in mighty ways. Down to the smallest act of kindness, could be the biggest impact in someone's life, but to get to that person to impact you have to be walking with God. Don't be afraid to meet with God in your personal relationship. That is the only thing He is concerned about. Above the biggest problem you can think of in the world to fix, God is more concerned with where you are in your relationship with Him. Amazing that He loves each of us that much.

I have been signing off my posts with the phrase - you are blessed to be a blessing. I started this because I just wanted something encouraging to leave all of you that suffer through my bad spelling and grammar. I have really had revelation about the phrase though in the last couple of months. Really just realizing that I have been born to be a blessing because I have been redeemed in Jesus Christ so I can be used to bless others. This is true of you too. 
Blessing by definition means -the act or words of a person who blesses,

a special favor, mercy, or benefit

a favor or gift bestowed by God, thereby bringing happiness

the invoking of God's favor upon a person

praise; devotion; worship, 

approval or good wishes

"To be blessed" means 'to be favored by God'. Blessings therefore are directly associated with God and come from God. Therefore to express a blessing, is like bestowing a wish on someone that he/she will experience the favor of God. 
Wow, so receive your blessings because someone is recognizing you deserve to experience God's favor. Then you can turn around and bless someone else in the same way. 

Love you all.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

God's little blessings....

Had a fun week this week. We started learning about the actually process of labor and what we do in that process as midwives. We had an amazing speaker that had so much experience. She told us tons of stories but the one thing that she said that stuck out to me was that "midwives are the gatekeepers to life or death." That is powerful. The spirit of Christ lives in us, and we get to bring that along with us into whatever situation, hospital, or home that we enter. We get to pray life over these woman and babies, not only physical healing life sometimes but every time, every where we go spiritual life. 

We had the such a fun night this weekend. One of the ladies on my school has a family. So she has a house that the base owns, and invited us girls over for movie night. It was so nice to be in a home! It is funny how you miss that feel when you live in more of a dorm style living environment. OH my goodness, she made guacamole and this amazing bean dip, and all sorts of goodies! She spoiled us rotten. It was like being back home. I loved it! 

Every weekend I am getting to catch up with different people from back home on the phone. It is so nice to hear from people, learn what is happening in their lives, and know how I can keep praying for them. I love hearing all the stories about what is going on. It has been a blessing to share, and talk to people. If you want to talk, just shoot me an e-mail. I try and call a couple of people every weekend! 

Well off to homework... Miss and love you all! 

You are blessed to be a blessing

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Well I tried to send out an e-mail with this information but for whatever reason it isn't working. So this next weekend, August 8th and 9th, my team and I will be having an Aussie BBQ. We will be selling aussie sausages. 

I am raising money for the outreach portion of my Birth Attendant School. The outreach fee's are 9,400 (AUD). This includes travel, food, and living for the 8 months I will be on outreach. I currently have 5,600 (AUD) and am looking to raise close to 4,000. 

I am asking you to join in with me by pledging a minimum of ten cents per sausage that we sell. You can contribute just by donations also if you would like. 

 I would also love support in praying. This is exciting to be able to join together for God's work. Thank you for all your support!!