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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Australian Bush...

Well we took our students camping last weekend. It was a good time, with lots of work and fun. We went down south to a camp ground that but us out in the bush next to this river. Apart from some killer biting flies (yes some flies here bite you) we didn't run into much trouble!

We had such a good time, just relaxing, swimming, canoeing, enjoying the quiet, and sleeping under the stars! We had a few extra friends that decided to join our group - one was a kangaroo with her joey that kept scoping out our food (we had really good food!) and the other was a lizard of some sort ( i have no idea what it was but it was longer than my arm! ).

We are about to start our 8th week of lectures! crazy... only 4 more after this before we head out on outreach! We are on the down ward slope now!

Tomorrow is the first meal at the new base! We have been moving in, cleaning, and getting the kitchen ready for the past two weeks. We have been having worship in the building and lots of people are fearlessly working long hours to get things like all the technical (lights/internet/cabling) working in there, and also the kitchen set up. So tomorrow is it.... first meal in the new building! One top of that we are also going to have a cafe... dangerous yes I would say so! It launches tomorrow night as well! oh coffee how I love thee! I will post some pictures of the base soon, but for now.. camping pic's!

you are blessed to be a blessing

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our new home...

Here it is! Our new home...
After months of waiting, expecting, maybe this week we will get it, maybe next, Perth city council finally came and said it's usable! We are IN!!! 9 Robertson is YWAM Perth and it open, livable, usable, and absolutely beautiful!

Thursday we got our official letter from Perth city and that night we were in the building dedicating it to the Lord with prayer, oil, worship, and leaders from the aboriginal community giving us formal welcomes onto the land and prayers for what God is going to do in this facility. It was such a incredible time together and with Jesus.

On top of all the excitement of the new base opening up, we are still in full swing in our school. Finishing up a week on submission and authority, we learned about God's anointing leadership and how to have submission in our hearts, not just in our obedience. It was powerful with lots of world views changed.
We are headed into week 6 of the school! Only 7 more weeks to go before heading out on outreach! We learned our outreach locations this week and drum roll please...I will be headed into London for the first 7 weeks then on to Hyderabad India for 4 weeks! I am leading different teams to both locations by myself and am soo excited. I have never experienced London and I am very familiar with hyderabad (this will be my third time to go!) so I am ready for the newness, challenges, and all that God is going to do in both places. I will be focusing on health care in India and will be working closely with an aids clinic that I have worked in and taught in during previous visits.

well i will leave you with a few pictures of my small group, and some school activities! We are taking the students camping this weekend (so fun!) and I have a small video post coming that you can be anticipating. I filmed my day in full the other day to give you a quick preview of what exactly do I do... haha in case you ever wondered! Be looking for it in the next week!

you are blessed to be a blessing

I drive this giant van once a week to take some of my students to volunteer at a pregnancy crisis center in the city - i call it the whale. 

Some of us enjoying nice drinks for our small group!
The aussie teaching us how to do a tim tam slam!  

Helping my housemate set up her new bed in her new house =( she moved out of out house into the new base... 

My roomie erika!  

Hayley and I making our students bday cake! It tasted great... didn't look as pretty as expected.. oh I have a lot to learn about baking!