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Sunday, April 12, 2009

One phase complete.

Well I finished our 11 weeks lecture phase. We ended with one last week on relationships that was amazing. We are all packing at the last minute and all smell like cleaner from last minute cleaning before we leave! 
I can not believe that this part of the adventure is over. Through many weeks of joy, tears, fun, not understanding God then understanding God, then breaking free of old stuff, then realizing new stuff God has for me, and all of the while building amazing friendships. I can't imagine what God has in store for my team to do these up and coming months. Already the team is being hit with curve balls from the enemy, which makes me more excited. You aren't going to get attack unless the enemy knows that you are going to be doing something big for God. If you don't meet the devil on your journey then maybe your not on God's journey. We are ready, weapons drawn, God in front leaving tomorrow! 
I continually miss people and love you guys all! New E-mail for the next couple of months so please write! ~
I won't be able to check the old e-mail or facebook so please use this one! 

You are blessed to be a blessing!!