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Sunday, August 26, 2012


How do I re-cap 8 weeks? All the change, emotion, revelation, and goodness? This school has been so transformational to the way that I view the world. It is about communication - which has been challenging in and of itself, but then there is also the advocacy. The justice and righteousness of God. And the lack of it in the world.

The last few weeks we have completed topics like world view, and writing composition. Doesn't sound to intense, but it was. Diving into our mindsets with the world view week, and the mindsets of the world was eye opening. The differences between having a biblical world view and others like secularism, post modernism, and that of other religions is huge. One of the biggest differences has to do with absolute truth. Swaying away from this truth, provided in God's word, can be a huge weakness and is. We have lost the understanding of upholding to the truth and the weight of it. Things are subjective now, we can be easily swayed and I wonder if christians lacking in truth has something to do with it.

I don't mean to write all bleak and doom, it has just been that is what I have seen for a few weeks, and maybe it is a good reminder to settle deep within me that Jesus is it. He is what we need. He is needed in our understanding truth and people's gifting. There are so many different issues in the world. I have been researching into the area of prostitution. I am writing a research paper on how easy it is for women to be tricked, be mislead, or be forced into prostitution. I am calling it 'the easy transition.' This issue is a big one, and the more I scratch the surface, the more I see we need people. We need people who believe in absolute truth - in the truths that the bible teaches and we need them to use their gifting whether in writing, in speech, in law, in media, in education and in many more areas to bring change.

That is where I get excited. The way that we can be used. The gifting that God has put within us. The things we do in everyday life, that we do well or feel confident in. It doesn't stop there, because then God calls us to do things that we are uncomfortable in, things we don't think we can do, but then Jesus comes in and uses us. The simple saying - we do the possible and God does the impossible. We do the possible in what we know, or what we don't, but have been asked to do then God shows up. In all His glory, majesty, sovereignty, and strength.

There are big problems, so its a good thing that there is an even bigger God.

I have just finished week 8. There are now 4 weeks left. I am excited for what is left for God to teach me.

I will be coming home at the end of the school! So get ready Texas! I will be home on October 5th and this visit will be staying a little over three months! I am so blessed to get a longer visit, and to be home for the holidays! I will make more contact when the time comes closer, but friends and family clear a bit of your schedules! I need to be slotted back into your lives and I have three months to do it!

you are blessed to be a blessing.