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Sunday, September 18, 2011

This made me laugh...

This cracked me up....A little insight into the YWAM world....

You know you are A YWAMer.
your vocabulary consists of an unlimited great many multitude of acronyms: YWAM, DTS, SOS, SOFM, SOE, KKI, ESL, SOPA, SBS etc. and only you and every other YWAMer on the planet know what they mean.

you never cease to be amused by acronyms like these:
Young Women After Men
Yes, We Arrange Marriages
Youth With A Meeting
Youth WithAut Money
You Will Always Move

your goal in life is to “TO KNOW GOD AND MAKE HIM KNOWN!”

you think it’s perfectly normal to drop what you’re doing to go to another country without exactly knowing why because you know that is where God wants you.

you give away something you need because God has led you to do so.

you are quite happy to accept that your future husband/ wife is probably in a different country.

you need time to “process” everything.

at the airport you set your bags on the waiting room chair and sit on the floor.

you’re watching the Simpsons, Ned Flanders comes out, and you say Dean Sherman.

you know that “every problem in the world is a problem of relationships. every relationship problem is from pride. so pride is the cause of every problem in the world” (Dean Sherman)

you have bathed in a river for a mininum of 5 days straight, and have gone a minimum of 5 days straight without bathing at all!

pooing and peeing in a hole doesn’t phase you the way it should.

in any sort of social situation you are no longer ashamed to talk about having diarrhea. You won’t refer to it as an upset stomach, you can call it what it is.

you cant afford to be scared of spiders, bugs, rats, etc.

if someone mentions a friend or family member that is with YWAM and your ears perk up and you have to immediately ask which base and see if you have met them.

you get something pierced or tattoed before returning home.

when the word “flexible” takes on a whole other meaning.

you are fully aware that anytime you sit in a vechical you must sleep because who knows when you will sleep next.

you know the full meaning of the word ‘transition.’ It defines your life.

you actually MISS the food in your outreach country.

you’re praying in the airport because someone is having trouble with their passport.

you go to a non-YWAM retreat and you think it’s weird you don’t have meal prep and clean-up.

you know how to ENCODE emails written in Muslim or Communists countries so that it doesn’t sound Christian.

you start counseling all your friends to go on a DTS.

you’ll sleep on any ground, anyplace, anytime.

“base” is a word that means ministry center.

you think of calling a (YWAM) friend, but don’t know what continent they are on.

you know God already said GO… you need specific instructions to stay.

you slept on the floor in a room smaller than a closet with 6 other people (and you kind of miss it sometimes..)

on your birthday you know to expect a construction paper card signed by everyone at the base.

having a flush toilet is the pinnacle of technology, and dishwashers are a true extravagance.

you know what vegimite/marmite is and tried them.

comfort is a luxury.

you have an unspoken bond with anyone and everyone who has done a DTS.

you leave with a total non-denominational view of Christianity and get really annoyed over petty Christian bickering.

you know that everything in life is a “heart issue”.

one week you can’t afford to buy coffee, the next week you’re in another country on outreach.

the leaders of the organisation have time for you personally and you don’t have to put them on a pedestal.

you watch National Geographic specials, you see people you’ve met on outreach.

if you’ve eaten dog meat or fish eyeballs the size of golf balls, and you don’t find anything odd about that.

stuffing 10 people in the truck bed on outreach is THE way to travel

you know how to give your testimony in 5 minutes

you hear the bell rings and it’s time for WORK PROGRAM

after meal you wash your own dishes

you have a place to stay anywhere in the world because someone you knew knows someone who knows them

you’re no longer surprised at money turning up randomly and anonymously, just in the nick of time.

you know you’re a YWAMer if you start saying “Go God” whenever something really cool happens

you can ride in the most dilapidated vehicles or sleep in the most dilapidated rooms and it’s all just part of life

you know you’re a YWAMer when you can say “base food” and everyone knows what you’re talking about.

you know you’re a YWAMer when you meet someone that’s done a DTS and you feel as if you’ve known them forever.

…health insurance? What health insurance?!

if the world seems significantly smaller to you than it does for other “normal” people

you randomly find foreign currency in your pockets.

some needs $1500 in 3 hours and your like “no problem”, and they get it all in, in 2 hours and 58mins

your primary ways of communicating with your best friends are internet-related (e-mail, Skype, Facebook etc).

you miss lots of people all the time.

you left your heart in another country.

the show Fear Factor occasionally made you nostalgic about the good ole days.

you still live out of your suitcase for months after returning home

 - You are blessed to be a blessing.

Monday, September 5, 2011

They sneak up...

Well its just another normal week except that it is my birthday this week. Umm. I love birthdays, when they are not mine. =) Only because of the whole getting older thing. Seems like they keep sneaking up on me. I will be 25 this year. Seems monumental in a small kindof way... (oxymoron?!)... Maybe I am just being a bit dramatic but I feel like I will be 25 in two days and haven't had time to think about it! Maybe thats a good thing.
I would love to wait on the Lord a bit and get some fabulous words for this coming up year and all the things He wants to do! I always get a bit torn on my b-day about whether I should be reflecting, looking back on the year that was or being excited and looking towards the year to come! Maybe I will do a day of both! Because I live in Australia, I have the privilege of having two birthday days. Since I was born in America and they are a day behind. It works out perfectly for those of us that like to prolong good things (like attention because it is your special day!) =)
I am also planning a party for myself... wahoo... I would love to get to know more people around in the community that I live with. So I guess having a big party is a great way to do that. SO if you are reading this and around perth... my house, saturday night! Fire pit plaid party! Yes.. we will be roasting marshmallows and having a good time.

I have a prayer need... the house that I live in is currently up for sale. My roommates and I have been put on a month to month lease while they try and sell the house. The base is looking for a new house to rent to put all of us in, but sadly have not found one yet that is in our price range or that will be okay with 12 girls living in it. So we are in a waiting period. Not sure when we will have to move out, currently don't have any where to go, but know that God is faithful and His timing is perfect. So if you think about, I would appreciate some prayer help! We have a gorgeous house and have been so blessed to live here, and I believe we are going to get an even better house to live in! Yah God's blessings! So we are waiting and will be quickly transitioning soon.

okay well that is it for now.

You are blessed to be a blessing!

Random pictures from working in the kitchen...
Making Fish and Chips for dinner... I hand battered like 300 fish that day!

 I love to receive packages! =)

 Yes we feed lots of people..

 Random pic's from my mom and my road trip!!