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Friday, January 30, 2009

Clarity ~

Hey all! Sorry my last blog was rushed and a bit confusing! I will try and make this one clearer! Be patient with me on blogs, I'll get better!

Okay were am I. I live on what aussie's call base. It is a collection of building (about 3) that are all on one property. We have a classroom, common room/eating area, and rooms. I am in a room with three girls. It is great! We actually have a lot of space and one shower each! Thank you Jesus! There are 8 students in my class. 3 girls, 3 guys and one married couple (they are locals).

We have already finished our first week of lectures! I can't believe it! Each week a different speaker comes in to teach us on a different topic. This first week we learned about hearing God's voice. The lady that spoke to us was so amazing and completely connected to God and the Holy Spirit. She would speak to us on different areas of hearing God's voice, the different ways to hear his voice, and on intercession prayer. Then we would actually get up and apply it. We did amazing interaction with God, each other and praying for different people (some we didn't even know). She brought so many concepts to life that I had not imagined! The connection I felt with God was real, intimate, and closer than ever before. It was like my soul was connected with His. This is a good start!

Now for some fun stories! There are tons of little kids running around. We have several families that live on base and around the area that the parents work on the YWAM base and so there kids play here. They are so much fun! We play a lot of cricket! Big sport here so I am becoming quite the cricket player! We live about a mile or two ( 3 kilometers in aussie talk) from the beach so any break we get even if its only for an hour we are running down to the beach! It is beautiful!! I love it! They have tons of animals here that we would have to go to a zoo to see that are just like hanging out in the back yard!! haha, lots of really interesting birds! We went surfing today and I actually got up on the surf board about three times after oh 15 total wipe outs!!! Lets just say I ate a lot of salt water!! I have seen lots of lizards, had two cockroaches crawl over my foot but praise Jesus haven't seen any spiders!!! Lets keep praying against that!! evidently I just missed huntsman season!! again we will keep praying against that! =)

okay I'm off, we have journal that we write in every week and we have to be very creative with each page - anyone that knows me knows I am not very creative so this takes a lot of work for me! God is pulling out stuff I never imagined He would - like my creativity! haha. Love you all - Be blessed!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Becoming an Aussie!

Good day mates! I made it! It was a very long trip on a very full plane! Travel went so well! Other than one plane arriving right at the same time my flight out of the country was boarding, it was all good! A run through the airport was good for me though! There are 8 students total, a small class compared to there usual 18 but I love that we are a small group! There are 3 girls, 3 guys and one married couple with four adorable little boys! Everything here is amazing!
We had are first meeting yesterday and it went great! I have been here three days and I am already going to promote everybody to come a do a discipleship training school as soon as they can. We start every morning with praise and worship that is so freeing and open to the holy spirit and God's awesome presence. The excited has grown in everyone 100 times than before we arrived! God is here and he is working mightily! Have to go start for the day and will tell of the amazing revelations God has already revealed later when I have more time to write! Love you all and be blessed!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Heading to the Outback!

My bags are packed. Rather full and one pound overweight I should add. I've got to open the bag back up and think simple and take some more stuff out! haha! I have been running around like a chick with her head cut off for the past five days but I think it is all coming together! I set out on a plane to Dallas tonight to spend the night with my older brother then tomorrow around 12:55 pm I will start this adventure! I want to thank everybody who contributed to this trip through prayer, donations, encouragment, a place to live =), and support by being the body of Christ! I am excited, nervous, anxious, scared, and at peace with putting my life in God's hands for the next year and a half! Check up on me often, I will be updating the blog as frequent as possible and please send me e-mails! I am going to want to hear from everybody!!
Be blessed and love somebody today!

Philippians 4:4-7
Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: REJOICE! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God. And the peace of God will transcend all understanding, will guard you hearts, and your minds in Christ Jesus.