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Saturday, July 25, 2009


We have received our locations where we will call home for the next year!! Are you ready for this because it is very very exciting!! God is amazing and getting us ready to go in to some amazing places. Okay I won’t keep you waiting any longer....

We will be leaving to Tanzania!!! I guess you should know that I have a huge heart for Africa esp. this area of Africa, so I am extremely excited that I keep going back! 

Drum roll...... Our next location is..... Perth, Australia!! haha... The base is celebrating their 25th anniversary along with YWAM’s 50th year anniversary during January. So for the first time every the Birth attending students will return to base during there outreach to PARTY!!! haha... Not to mention that the founder of YWAM, Loren Cunningham himself will be at the base. ( If you are not in YWAM just know that is a big deal!! haha) 

So we will come back to Perth!

Then we will get on a jet plane and head out to......... India!!!!!!!! I know at this point you are so jealous of me that you are having to repent, so I just  want tell you, that you too can be used by God and let Him take you to the ends of the earth... Just ask Him where and when!!

After spending a few months in India, we will then head over to the Philippines to finish out an amazing outreach!!! We will spend about a month here before finally heading home to Perth! 

I am so amazing some times when I think about how a year ago this was all just an idea that God had placed in my heart to pray about. That in the matter of one year He lead me to places I never thought I would be able to go, He lead me to people that had major impact in changing my life, and that He did it all because He loves me and He wanted me to truly receive that love for myself. He is worth of all praise! 

More to come! Love you all! 

You are blessed to be a blessing!  

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Interesting Stories....

I had a bit of fun this past week with my new family. The BAS team which consists of 16 girls, 3-4 families, and about 4 staff got together for a team BBQ. It is delicious but one of the meat that they cooked was Kangaroo. Yes, that cute animal that bounces around I indulged in. And it was good! haha. The aussie folks had a bit of trouble eating the meat, they said it was like eating part of there country. Anyways, it made for an adventurous day! 

We had our first “assessment” this week, aka test. It was great. It feels like it has been forever since I have studied and taken test that I must admit I was a bit nervous. It went good and it really is such a good program. We can’t fail but they want to know where we aren’t getting the information. 

I am so excited about learning again. Not only learning but bringing the whole picture together. Seeing the spectrum of health care and the spectrum of the spiritual; praying, speaking the gospel, and seeing how they are one in the same. Their is no separation in God’s kingdom. We had a speaker last week that talked about if the gospel is only the story of Jesus then what was Jesus preaching about when He was on earth preaching the gospel. *** (reference) What was the good news that Jesus was spreading while he taught. 

I understand how amazing the gospel is and how important the significance of Jesus on the cross but I have new light in the area of health care and how much that is apart of the good news that I can bring. That they are not two separate entities. I am not using the title of health care worker to simple get into people’s lives but am using it as a talent that was given to me by the creator of the universe to go in and change people’s lives. 

There is a lot I could expand on that topic but how amazing is that to think about. We bring the kingdom of God in lots of ways. We spread good news not only in the spiritual realm with salvation, prayer, and a loving God but in the physical realm with education, service, and practical ways of living that God Himself gave us. (read deuteronomy) God set into place ways of living back in the times of Mosas that are still the best methods to this day to keep cross contamination at their lowest point. How amazing is our God. Not only does He love us unconditionally, He is worried about our hygiene. He doesn’t want stinky, sick kids. haha. okay you get my point.

So on top of learning how amazing God is we are also learning about the urinary system. So on Tuesday night we all got to learn how to do urine tests on each others urine. haha, it was a great bonding experience that wasn’t to embarrassing except for the fact that you had to carry your urine from the toilet which was across the base from our classroom. We got a few interesting looks from people. 

Well I think I have grossed everyone out enough for this entry!! Love you guys! 

You are blessed to be a blessing! 

Friday, July 17, 2009

Update Video

This is an update video that I was so lucky to have made for me. Just a little preview of my last six months. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New beginnings.

I made it to Perth. I sent out an e-mail but incase you didn’t get it here is the story. I applied and was accepted to a school called Birth Attending School. It is a 11 months school that consists of learning about how to become a midwife who fears the Lord. I will be in Perth, Australia for three months learning about the anatomy and physiology of birthing the baby, along with tying in the spiritual aspect of health care. Bringing the kingdom of God not only in the spiritual but in the physical. I love this. 

So after three months in Australia we will head off to a 8 months outreach were we will do further learning and apply all that we learn. I am ready to see Jesus in this physical process of labor and the hope that new life brings. I am just praying for God to open my eyes to so many things, um one is teaching me through whatever he wants to, even our text books but really just relying on God during this school to be the one to be my motivation and my drive in learning. To get an understanding and knowledge for the sake of His kingdom. That He will bring me to a new place of trust in Him. During these times of learning, then in the applying what we learned in other countries, and in a better understanding of the spiritual aspects of life. I want to be in much more of a connection with God’s heart during this season. What He is interested in and feels, that is what I want to be praying for and connected with. I really am remembering back in my DTS talking about how the more we seek after God and get to know His heart and who He is, the more He speaks to us about our identity and destiny. The first day that we were here, the base leader’s wife gave us a message and in it she said, “I want to find my identity in God’s destiny.” I love this. So that is something that stuck with me that I have made a goal in this season. 

I will still throw in some stories from Morocco in the next couple of weeks because their was so much that God did that I still want to share. For now I am back in the classroom, back to the books! They gave us two huge books today. I feel like I am back in nursing school, it really is great! If you don’t know me I am a true nerd at heart. The bigger the book the more excited I get.

I didn’t tell you anything about the girls that are with me, briefly, I am in a class of 16 girls with 8 staff members and I think 8 different nations that are represented. I showed up the day the school started around the time of morning tea. For all you Americans, we have morning tea every morning around 10 ish. It is brilliant and America should pick up this habit! haha. Anyway the base I came from in Wollongong was about um 50 big with a school and the base I now live at in Perth is about 300 big. Huge difference. SO I am adjusting to a much bigger community of people and am meeting all the girls on our school along with many other new people. I went from a dorm room of 4 girls to a dorm room of 50 girls. I am in a bit of shock. haha. It is going to be amazing here, and the excitement in my spirit as I got off the plane in Perth just confirmed that this is where God wants me to be. 

Until next time...

You are blessed to be a blessing! 

quick note

I have so many things to catch up writing about. ugh! I will try and just make quick notes and not long stories.

Quick note number 1 - I got my mexican food craving fix! Their was one restaurant that was recommend for having something similar to what I would call mexican food, so with a couple of friends on the last weekend I was able to we went. It was good food, not true mexican but close enough to hopefully keep me satisfied for 11 months. 

Note number 2 - I graduated for the third time last friday night. I am complete with dts and have officially moved on to the next season. Not only is God moving in my life, but He is moving me quickly into the next season. All the better I think.

Last note - I really haven’t even touch the surface of telling stories from Morocco. It really is amazing what prayer can do. I know for me it was hard in the first few weeks of being in Morocco to just pray things into place and really do the spiritual battling first. I get into a save the world in one day mentality and forget that God usually is a patient God that loves for you to build relationships, learn things, and trust before you get the end result. This was a good lesson for me was wait, pray, pray all the time but pray hard and fervently and trust that God will and is there. I loved this. Every time we would pray somewhere or do worship somewhere like a park we would always see fruit come from it. One week we did praise and worship in the park then the very next week to the day we end up back in the same park, in the same spot with about 20 something young university students just hanging out with them. We got to share stories about our lives, and them about theirs and we just hung out. It was amazing to see the fruit of our prayers. The friendships that were made that God used to plant seeds and show His love.