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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Daily Living

This past week we started a "new quarter." We run different schools through out the year here at YWAM Perth. They all have a lecture phase of three months so every three months we get a new batch of students who have come into our various schools. So this April we have 5 schools that are running and they official kicked off last week!

I have been working in our registrar office at the base helping these students get here! My job is answer e-mails, phone calls, and drop in visits of potential students who are enquiring about our different training programs. Over the past few months I have seen and heard so many amazing stories of God speaking to people to come here to Perth.

I had this one girl write me a bout a month ago explaining that God spoke to her in her dream to go to YWAM Perth. She didn't know anything about us or about what it would look like to come. When she        e-mailed me enquiring about our Discipleship Training School she said, " I don't know what this is about but God spoke to come to YWAM Perth. I have a job,  I am 25 years old which is probably to old, but I need to know more about your organization because I think I am supposed to come."

Incredible! She just arrived last week and has started our Media, Arts, and Photography Discipleship Training School. I couldn't believe I was meeting the woman I got to communicate with and help arrive here in Perth. I am so excited for her and to see what God is going to do in her life because of her willingness to say okay I'll drop everything and go because you are worthy. You spoke and I need to obey!

We have had so many incredible stories like this of God speaking to people, doing radical things to confirm His calling in their life and they are here now with us for three months to learn more about Him and allow Him to change their lives!

Apart from work, I have been playing lots! ;) God has recently blessed me with a CAR! Incredible to have wheels after not having them for over four years! I have been able to cruz around Perth in a whole new way exploring the city I am now calling home! Last weekend I was able to take some of my roommates to this little market that runs every sunday morning. We picked up a chest for our lounge room that matched perfectly to our couch for ten dollars!

Last night we had a welcome house party! We have been living in our new house for almost two months now! It was so much fun to have people that we live and work with come over and be able to have a good time in our house! We have a giant back yard that needs people in it!

Here are some pictures just for fun! :)

Market Day

My new Car! 

Happy Driver! Yes coffee in hand! 

At the office! 

With my ministry team - The Rego girls! 

you are blessed to be a blessing.