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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

coming together...

We have started. 19 students from 13 countries. We are all gathered in one places for one purpose, to know God and make Him known. We are in the middle of week 2 of lectures and already people are making comments like " I feel like I am with family," "I have shared more with you guys in two weeks than with my best friends," "I knew this was the right place the moment I walked in the door."
So great how God works. He brings together all of us strangers and creates a family, a platform for growth, and a promise to meet with us.

We are a little off because our schedule is a bit different since we are still "baseless" ... the new building that will be our "base" is pretty much finished except for one minor detail.. and by minor I mean major! haha.. they forgot about turning on the gas... we are waiting for the building company and the subcontracted gas company to fabricate a special gas thingy (yes very specific) that we need to get the gas going in our beautiful new building so we can get approval from the city council and move in!! So I don't have a new expected move in date yet but the sooner the better.. please pray!!

I have been learning lately about depending on God. I mean, I guess we always depend on God but their are just times in life, when you really know that you won't make it through the day if you can't just have a quick moment in the bathroom or outside to take a deep breath and let God remind you that He has it under control. He is still good, and promises are still underway. I know it shapes us, times when we know we can't do things, but we can trust in Him. It kills me sometimes that I don't know what is going on in my heart but He does, and at that same uncomfortable, slightly sad and painful point, He is fixing something... it always comes out good in the end, and I always know it is worth it, it is the middle ground of laying at His feet crying that sometimes is hard to push through. Good thing He is in those middle moments as well...

I went to the pregnancy problem house this arvo with 4 of my students because they will be going out once a week to do "hands on compassion." Apart of the course where we practically get involved with a ministry that reaches out in the city. I loved it! Taking my students to something I am passionate about, and then hearing them share about how, in one afternoon, God was already speaking vision and getting them excited about future things He wants them to be involved in that relate to reaching out to women in need. It is a promise fulfilled really. Something God always speaks to me is to be a multiplier of people, and that I am called to raise up people into dreams, and desires for what they want to do with life. I felt that today when the girls where sharing. Give them the opportunity and God will speak and open their hearts and eyes to see the need they can fill! Love it!

Okay this is long... pictures coming soon!

you are blessed to be a blessing

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2 cups a day...

It has started... I normally have a cup of coffee in the morning to get the day going, brings me joy as I listen to Jesus before the crazy day begins. I have now officially up'd my coffee intake to two cups a day as you do on DTS school schedule. =) one hot cup in the morning and one cold coffee usually in the arvo (as it is WAY to hot these days to consume hot beverages)

I thought I could make it until all the students arrived and we actually started class before I fully entered into my coffee drive.. how silly. We are in full gear this week preparing for 20 students from all around the world, and of all ages. They arrive throughout this whole week and Sunday marks the first day of their compassion 2012 discipleship training school.

I am already living the life of a dts staff... 5-6 hours of sleep a night, 2-3 coffees a day, baking scones for morning tea's, airport runs in the middle of the night, 15 things on my to do list to do in a few days, and the grace of God that surpass all of it!!

He is so faithful and it is so amazing to see how many incredible things He speaks about these students. He is pouring out words of anticipation for Him, intimacy with Him, about drawing near to them; so near that they can taste Him. I don't know all of these students yet but I already feel the love God feels for them. I already love them because of that, and am so ready to see what God has for them!

Six months of life. change. growth. pain. healing. stretching. love. uncomfortable. wholeness. glory.

you are blessed to be a blessing.