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Monday, June 21, 2010


Here I am on Texas soil again! It is soo good to be home. I spent the last week in wollongong, the base where I did schooling at last January. It was the perfect place to begin my transition back to western society. It was calm, relaxing, and there were so many good people to talk too! I love the people at that base and I love them loving me, which is exactly what they did! My trip home has not been so peaceful. I am afraid my time clock is already all messed up. I didn’t sleep on any of my flight, which was killer on the 14 hour one. Then I ended up sleeping in the floor of the airport but then people kept waking me up because they thought I was missing my flight.. (they didn’t know I had a seven hour layover) It was hard not to be some what grumpy at the nice people. =)

Looking back I realized that I have gotten on a plane to travel every two weeks for the past 2 months and will continue until the end of June. That means I have been on 12 flights over the past two months... I am sick of flying!!! I used to think it was so much fun... The airport business, the people, seeing new things in new airports.. Yes this sounds pathetic but I used to enjoy it... I still do but with a little dread and a sign. Here I go again. Haha..

Well it was so exciting to fly into america. Even more to fly into Texas. I had some funny thoughts as I got off the plane and walked through the airport so I will share them with you to end this blog. I am Home and will post my cell phone number soon (as soon as I get it)! E-mail me because if you are close to me, I want to see you!!!

Funny thoughts as I entered back into Texas:

  • The first things out of my mouth as I got off the plane was Yeehaw! (yes I was as surprised as you are)
  • I got excited when I saw bass pro shop in the airport (theres your sign...)
  • I got excited to have mcdonalds for breakie because I got to have FREE KETCHUP (not tomato sauce)
  • I ate the naste hashbrown from mcdonalds just as a means to get the KETCHUP in my mouth =)
  • I might have become slightly prouder as I got off the plane.... I will pray into this later.
  • Two words - Dr. Pepper
  • Ya’ll is back and in full force
  • I passed multiple shops displaying the phrases “Don’t mess with Texas” and I know some people’s personal favorites “Everything is bigger in Texas”

I’m excited to be home!!!

You are blessed to be a blessing.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I have to talk tomorrow about what God has done in me in this past year. Wow what a big topic. We left central Asia and have now made it back to Perth. We (my school and I) have been and are spending this last week talking through the miracles, healing, and things that stood out to us this past year. Also talking about what God did in and through us. It is amazing thinking back. It is also very hard. Hard to get my mind around the fact that it has been 11 months. Hard to remember because my mind doesn’t think back that far, and hard to process this past month especially. I have never experienced a time where all our plans change, suddenly and without warning. It leaves a person wondering, did God really speak for us to come here? Did we hear right?

My answer for that question for me in the midst of last month was yes, I heard from God. No I don’t know why we had to change our plans, but I know that for whatever reason, the week that I was placed in that area of the world God was brought to that place. Even if only for one week. Christ in me; praying, standing, and loving people around me Jesus was brought to that community. I don’t have many stories about anything really physical or tangible happening. I don’t even have any good reports from the country I left. It is almost like it is doing worse off.... Huh. The enemy attacks heavy on a front they are afraid of losing?

I believe even more in the power of prayer. I have seen prayer do crazy things this past starting cars, changing attitudes, and shaking things that need to be shaken. I think God in these past few months has shown me once again how much He loves me. He has healed me in many areas, taught me that it is okay to be wrong and faulty. That is one of the best ways to learn and to not be prideful. He has taught me patience, kindness (something still needing to grow in), and how to love even when you don’t want to love (also still growing). I have learned to value relationships and learned that I can take time to grown them. I have learned to seek after Jesus, to learn His true character. To confront Him with my questions, my ideas, my misconceptions. He always contradicts them, gently. I have learned that His heart is big and that He is someone I haven’t scratch the surface of getting to know. He never left me, even when I was tired and didn’t want to take the time to seek after Him. He still brought me peace even when I didn’t deserve it and He still let me experience life even after I cause so much death.

He is my creator, lover, and friend. I have a lot to be thankful for. All of it because of the life that Jesus gave me. He truly saves me everyday.

You are blessed to be a blessing.