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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A long time coming...

Has it really been a month since I have wrote any new blogs? Sorry, everyone. I am afraid that writing anything has been daunting in these last couple of weeks. I am beginning to believe that God has brought me into the desert. I have felt that way for weeks now. The other day, my friend, Cara, was reading out the scripture that has been our theme verse for this school. It is Isaiah 40:3-5. We (my team and I) have been through some very interesting and tough couple of weeks. She was reading this to emphasize something that I had never caught onto before. The verse reads “A voice of one calling; In the desert prepare the way of the Lord, make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God....” She pointed out that the voice that called, was in the desert. In the desert prepare the way.... The voice either called you into the desert or maybe you just stumbled in and then the voice spoke but either way you are in the desert. A dry, dirt, uncomfortable place that you are thirsty, weak, and crying out for help. That is where the Lord speaks about preparing the way. I guess a lot of this feeling that I have is from being gone from home for so long. Being apart of this calling that God has placed on my life has led me into a year and a half of amazing adventures with God. I wouldn’t take it back and actually have a hard time believing that God allowed me to be apart of it all. I just feel the tiredness of it, I feel the longing to be back home, to be in comfort and normal conditions. This past week I felt the weakness of my flesh start to crumble. The thing that I have really been excited about it is this verse. The fact that the voice spoke in the desert and if you keep reading the great things that come out of being there and doing what the voice says to do...”And the glory of the Lord will be revealed and all man kind will see it.”

I am very excited to be taken into God’s energy, and joy during this desert season. You have to ask for it usually on a day to day basis or sometimes an hour by hour basis but He is really shown me His faithfulness to provide me with what I need at that moment. Even writing this blog I feel more encouraged by the amazing work that God is still doing even in the midst of me feeling so tired, weak, and thirsty.

Well I feel like this isn’t a super encouraging blog, but God is still good, even in the midst of the desert. My team and I are having many doors open up to see and understand how the health care works in this country. We came into central asia to scout out and pioneer to see the opportunity to bring teams back for longer trips and to also see how we could be used.... Where is the need that we are equipped to fill. It has been surprising in our sudden shift of placement. We left the original place that we came to work in, so it has been great to see God pick us back up and move in this place we are in now. Almost like we were suppose to be working here this whole time. God is opening up doors like crazy to provide us plenty to do, plenty of people to meet, and really dive into being apart of this community. Only with God’s favor can we see things change from one day to the next.

I promise I will get back on my writing and not leave my blog unattended again for another month. I have missed posting.

Just so you know 28 days until I am back in the USA and at home! Pretty exciting... A few more days after that and my brother gets married! Oh my goodness this will be a fun summer!

You are blessed to be a blessing!