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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What's your next step?

I was in class the other day when the guy speaking said "how do I use this gift of free will?" 

I have a gift. A choice. What am I doing with it? Will my choices impact for eternity or will it get me by for today or the next 5 years? 

In the movie Gladiator there is this line "What we do in life echoes in eternity." 

I believe it. I believe God has given us the authority and the choice to live for Him, say Yes to His plans, and be apart of bringing His kingdom Here. Now. To echo for all eternity.

What if someone came to know Jesus because you told them the good news? That would echo in eternity. 

You have a gift. If you believe in Jesus then I ask us, as a church, what are we doing with it? 

Back in the swing...

A time to transition! I came back to Perth after being at home for 3 months and it was full of transition. First off let me say that being at home was amazing. It was three months of good times with family, friends, rest, relaxing, lots of driving, snow, holidays, and so much more! Thank you all you people who met with me and let me fly in and interrupt life for a little bit :)

Transitioning back was much harder than I ever expected! This past month has not been easy or with out challenge but at the same time has been the most rewarding and peaceful time of my life. Yah, doesn't make sense huh?! Jesus helped with that I'm sure.

I started a new job at the base.  I work in our registrar office. My main job is to answer e-mails. Any    e-mail that comes into YWAM Perth comes to me, so I answer all questions or enquires for all our schools and ministries. Or I direct you to the person that knows the answer :)

I also changed houses! This was bitter sweet. I lived in one house for the whole two years I was on staff, and I came back to a fast and furious goodbye to that house and hello to a new one! It is hard work to move a house, especially a house that has 12 girls living in it and only 4 of them were present to help with the move!

The house we moved into was already being rented by YWAM. So it was a mixed of the stuff that was already in the house, with all the stuff that we brought over from our house! It was crazy! I will post pictures and you will see.

We have been settling into our new house slowly. There are lots of fix me up jobs and some security jobs that are in process but it is a great house. We have a GIANT back yard and two lounge rooms. Yes we are spoiled! We have the potential to house 13 girls, with yes still only one bathroom :) At the moment there are 8 of us living here.

More to come...

Here are the pictures!

                                          The Lounge room before
                                           Same room - now! We pulled up that naste blue carpet! Praise the Lord.

                                           our back room during the move

                                         Our back room after

                                           Our lounge room during the move

Our lounge room after

                                              Our entry hallway

                                        This was my master piece! I did this in our backyard one day! I love it! You can't really see but there are mason jars with candles in them, so at night it is great! You could put that on pinterest! =)
                                          Our backyard during the move. ugh i know. junk yard!

                                          My housemates ripping up the naste blue carpet!

you are blessed to be a blessing.