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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Face lift?!

Well I just tried to give my blog a "face lift" ... it looks okay. I will have to keep working on it. I know for some of you, your thinking is "it is so easy to change this or do that, or find that html code and place it there to make this special"... umm yes.. well it makes my head hurt =) 

I have been walking around for the past week feeling like parts of my brain were falling off every where. ha. I am getting ready to go on outreach with my students. We are heading into the second phase of DTS where we take the students into the world and "make God Known". We love people, help people, share, and testify of God's goodness in our lives and in who He is. I love it.

I am currently getting two different teams ready. We are doing things a bit different. Usually I would just have one team for the whole 11 weeks of outreach but this time I have two teams. I take one team to London for 7 weeks and then I take a different team into Hyderabad, India for 4 weeks. Whew.. what does that mean... lots of visa work, finance raising, preparing teachings, skits, prayer for the nations, and me feeling like my brain is scattered all over perth! =) In a good way! I can tell that I am growing in my ability to take on responsibility and that is a good thing, even when I feel my brain and mental capacity being stretched! 

We are headed into London for Megacities. This is something the base here at Perth does every other year. I will post a link below to give you a little idea of what that means...

We are settling into our new base! It is so beautiful! I will post some pictures below. We are moving in slowly and still working on design projects (making it all even more pretty!) A small prayer request answered... we have a lot of glass in our new building... it is pretty much all glass.. so we needed to revamp our cleaning supplies and techniques to learn how to clean glass. One of the students on a school this quarter was a professional glass cleaner for 3 years before he came to australia. SO we have him training us on glass cleaning and man is he good! He was one of those high rise glass cleaners. Funny to get so excited about seeing someone clean glass, but when you see someone do it so well, it is inspiring! 

you are blessed to be a blessing.


 Main entrance

 New office desks

 New staff office


 Outside area

My roommate debora and me!