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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winding down to wind up...

I have officially worked my last few days of property. I retired my steel toed boats and hug up my fluro vest. I can't believe the things I have done in the past few months. I walk around the buildings looking at walls, ceilings, and different things that I have built. I literally made (with the help of others, of course). It is amazing the things God can call you into and see come to fulfillment! We have seen one of our three buildings come to fulfillment this past week! We had the city council come through and inspect one of our buildings and we got approval, which means it is a working, operating, you can move in building! YAH! Just in time too, because we have over a hundred students showing up in 8 days and we need somewhere to have class!

I have had a few days off to wind down from property work, and wind up for this coming school. I can't believe we are already starting a new season of students, lectures, busy busy schedules, and God rocking everyone's world.

I have been seeking Jesus and getting ready to wind up for this school and what lies ahead. I have been looking at this one verse in psalms 37:7 - Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him.
My Bible tells me the word 'rest' can also be translated into 'be still', and the word 'patiently' can be translated into 'longingly'.

SO be still in the Lord and wait longingly for Him.

I have spent the past two days trying to be still before the Lord. To get His heart and His perspective on several things. I can feel the longing in my spirit grow the more that I wait. I know He hears me, I know He is answering me and is growing me. The whole rest of chapter 37 talks about the Lord and how He prospers us when we wait on Him, obey Him, and show faith in Him.

So as life continues to whirl wind around me, I will be still. I am longing with every fiber in my being, and I will see the Lord. I feel so secure in that, and so thankful that I know this about Jesus. What would life be like in the whirl wind without the security of Jesus' presence?!

I welcome 21 new students from various countries and different ages next week. I am getting ready to staff a six month discipleship training school. It is going to rock my world, I love it!

Here are some pictures of the base and christmas....

you are blessed to be a blessing

12 gladstone.. our first building finished! 

Breakie on christmas morning

Me making french toast on christmas morning...

Christmas tree..

Presents from roommates! Mexican cook book.. they know me to well! =)

Last day at work in the property.... i got to climb in a hole between the bathroom ceiling and the second story floor and sheet rock this little wall... great times!