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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Getting ready...

My summer time is coming to a fast close. One week from today I will be getting on another plane to head out again. I wish I could say it was with a huge excitement and joy but it has been a different set of emotions that I am experiencing.

Many emotions that just need to be given over to Jesus. Fear and anxiety are not part of the plan when you walk in the freedom of Jesus. So battling those things and praying through them has helped.
I think walking away from the family is always hard, but more so this go around. Last time I left, in 2009, I was unaware about the length of time I would be gone, nor did I fully know what that would feel like or mean to be gone for over a year and a half. Now, going back, I understand the struggles, the sacrifice, and the hard parts of being away for so long. I am glad that my family is very supportive. My mom keeps saying " I would rather have you go, even for so long, than sit around here and be miserable and out of God's will." She wants me to go, but I can tell neither one of us are looking forward to next thursday.

God has spoke so much about this next season. He keeps reminding me of the seasons He takes us through and the promises that He has made all of us, but especially made to me personally. I listened to beth moore talk about walking across the Jordan river in Joshua this past week. She talked about how the ark sat in the middle of the river while ever one passed through. That in the middle it is the deepest spot and the hardest to walk out of. That you can look to both sides, you can look back to egypt (comfort, familiarity) and then you can look forward to cain (unknown, a place where you will be a alien for a while). When she put it in that perspective I can see why the Israelites cried lets just go back. We know it, its comfortable, we can make due. What they couldn't see, was the promise land that God was leading them into. So I guess this is where I am at. Ready to hurry over to the other side and experience whatever God is going to open up. I can't see it, and I don't know what is there but I know that God is calling me into a promise land, and that He is faithful.

I am trying to get everything packed! Oh man what a task. Trying to pack for two years under 50 lbs. This is really putting my efficient type A personality to the test! =)
I am looking forward to being back in Perth, but before I get to go to one of my friends weddings in Germany. So I am taking to long route back to perth, through europe where I will spend a few days in Denmark, then a few days in Germany! I can't wait to see these girls and be exposed to their lives and cultures! Don't worry many pictures of come!

Well I will finished up my last week in the states by celebrating a very momentous day. My Birthday! =) Of course I think it is a huge occasion, but most of the world probably sees it as the day after labor day when they have to go back to work... haha...
I have decided I am getting up in numbers so by next year I will have to remove the year off of my birthday on facebook, so people can no longer know how old I really am. All they need to know is that on sept. 7th celebrate that I was born!

Have a good week!

You are blessed to be a blessing!