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Saturday, January 29, 2011

We are in full swing. I started staffing the school about three weeks ago and I can't believe how time is flying! I am getting to be apart of 18 different students lives from 9 different nations. I am excited that the students have just dove in head first into this time with God.

We have just finished week three of lectures. With each new week my desire for transformation in these guys lives grows. It has been so funny for me to see how my personality leads me to take on these students as like the mother hen. Wanting to keep them safe but also wanting to teach them so much about God, His character, and see them really experience it within their spirit. In that, I have see even more of God's heart for each individual person. That as much as my desire is to see this, He desires is 100 times more than me, and thankful His spirit can actually bring revelation and see this change happen in the student's heart! It is amazing hearing the feedback from the students, reading their journals, and hear how they are taking away so much truth about God from the lectures! It just blows me away still how much Jesus loves us, and how much He pursues us.

I think one of the biggest theme's that we have seen through every week is freedom. We have talked about hearing God's voice, the character and nature of God, and repentance and forgiveness. Through every speaker, the thing that caught my attention the most is how much freedom we can have through our relationship with Jesus. Freedom from sin, burden, hurts, confusion, and so much more. We have a beautiful message of Jesus dying on the cross for us and the even more exciting part is that it doesn't stop there! There is freedom awaiting us, a kingdom that God wants us to be building right now, here on earth. We don't have to wait for heaven for things to be better or to experience joy, peace, love. It is the rest of the message Jesus has for us.... it can happen here, now. I have thought for a long time that their are just certain things, or that are reigning with Jesus is waiting to happen until we get to heaven, that He died for us so we could go to heaven but that I will just be a sinner down here on earth until I die or until He comes back and we go to heaven, Nope! It can happen right now. If we start creating with God, and walking in the truth that we are free and have the authority that Jesus had on earth right now then we can bring God's kingdom. We can see change. I am getting really excited about these new understandings!

Well just a little glimpse of more than just class is that one of my responsibilities with the school is leading morning exercise every morning. The students have an early wake up call of 6 am! They get to come see me for thirty minutes for a nice work out! I have so loved this, but I am afraid my students don't share that same love! haha.. I promise I am not a drill sergeant. You don't need to pray for mercy for them =) They just don't like waking up so early! It has been fun for me to bring something that I love, exercise, into our daily routine!

Life is busy busy right now. Mostly because of all the responsibility with the school. I love being busy and it hasn't been to overwhelming. I battled a bit of a cold/flu thing last week, which made the week a bit harder to keep up with. I feel much better this weekend, and have taken most of the weekend off to fully recover - gotta gear up for next week! 

You are blessed to be a blessing.