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Monday, October 17, 2011

A time to transition

Here we go... after 10+ years of ywam perth being located in one building, we are up and moving. We have been in the process of building a brand new building for the past year and it is now time to start to count down... T minus 44 days and we will have transitioned out of the old "base" or building and hopefully straight over into the new building (if it is done and approved by the city counsel on time). If not we may be getting a bit creative on where we hold classes for a few weeks!

Some of the great things about being in our new base will be 1. It will be our own. We will own it! No more renting! 2. We will have double the capacity than we did in our old building. We are doubling our classroom numbers from the 7 classrooms that we had to 14 classrooms! 3. We will have our own cafe in the building! (can anyone say cappuccino! Yes please! ) 4. The building faces the downtown city of perth. Almost like a lighthouse to the city. We are being used just as much in this city as we are in the nations! Praise the Lord! 5. Well it will be a beautiful building... =)

We have professional builders working on our new property but we also have two other properties behind the new base that we are renovating. So hard working ywamers, like myself, have been spending countless hours tearing down, and building back up again. (Just thought I would clarify - I just joined the building teams, so I haven't done any tearing or building of any kind yet! haha)

Starting tomorrow though, I will officially be on a building team. We are going into crunch mode, trying to get all our properties done by our deadline. So every free staff member not staffing a school is being put on property teams to help sand, paint, tile, grout, dry wall, and so much more! So I have taken a safety test and been given an official "white card" saying that I am aware of safety on a construction site (you can't work in the buildings without it) and tomorrow I will go buy my official first pair of steel toed boots! I mean I love shoes and I have bought lots in my life, but never a pair of steel toes before! I will be sure and post a pic as soon as I start styling these boots!

I am super stoked to get to work! I love hands on stuff and the opportunity to be apart of such an epic move in the history of ywam perth is exciting! God has spoken dreams, and I am apart of seeing them come to pass! The opportunity to serve people from the nations, the city of perth, and go out into nations from this new building will be monumental!

So here are a few pictures from the last few months! Enjoy...

You are blessed to be a blessing.

Spring time is here and the trees are blooming!

The new base!! 

My roommate and I doing some gardening at our house! 

Being creative in the kitchen for lunch! Tuna sandwich anyone!?

Roommate lunch! 

My roommate and I at a park for a picnic! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Time is flying by...

I can't believe it is already October! I'm afraid my season are still all messed up in my head... I feel like winter is on it's way, but in reality my life is heating up... summer is coming and I welcome it! We are mid spring here in aussie land and I was loving last weekend when the sun was out, and the shorts and tank tops came out!

I am moving at such a normal pace these days that I almost feel like I don't have much to write about. My schedule is set to working in two different ministries on base. I spend two days a week working in the kitchen.. cooking to feed the masses for lunch and dinner... (by masses I mean around 350 people) then the other days of the week then I work with a ministry on base called trio. I volunteer at a pregnancy crisis center and love it. I get to do a lot of nursing work, which always sparks my interest, like pregnancy test, ultrasounds and some health care teaching. Then we also provide lots of resources to women who need it and provide lots of counseling. The center has a program set up to help women learn how to be a mom and all the changes their body and life will go through during pregnancy and once baby is arrived. During it they earn play money and get to buy all the baby gear they will need before the baby is born. It is such a neat system and really teaching the women so much!

Even though the pace of my day is normal, God is still in full gear speaking and teaching me. I have gone through some intense past few weeks with different life issues that I had to face.. physically and emotionally. I am never ceased to be amazed at the love Jesus gives us.. me. The promises that God has been speaking over my life are getting closer and some have even come to pass... I just feel the movement forward in my relationship with Jesus. It is great because you know God loves you to much to leave you where you are at, and we are always able to move closer to God - He is dynamic, made us to be dynamic and loves when we lean in, cry out, speak to HIm to become closer but every once in a while you can tell when that big step forward has happened in the relationship. Or maybe when something has broken and the comfort level is greater with the relationship. That is what I feel like and I love it. I just sit back some days now and soak it up.

Well the building that we (ywam) calls "base" is officially moving. We have been trusting GOd for finances ..seen Him provide, and are now building a base of our own.(we have been renting facilities for the past 25 years) It is an exciting time and a crazy time... in the next 8 weeks... we will uproot and move multiple schools, lots of ministries, and 350 people into a new facility (praying that it is finished on time!) So I will keep you updated on how that goes! It will be crazy, gong show type fun!

You are blessed to be a blessing