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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hello bloggers!!

I am going to post something before we get to crazy with all the festivities of anniversaries. I am sitting in my room in Africa, finishing up last minute packing and trying to allow the reality of us leaving set in. I am afraid it won’t hit me until I am on the plane. This place has been such an amazing example of God’s love, hope, and presence. I can’t believe it has been 3 1/2 months! 

I wanted to post something before it was to late. After our two weeks in Perth, I will be headed to India. We will be spending two months working in a hospital there. After that time we have been invited to join a new health care opportunity being launched by ywam perth. It is called simple health care. It consists of teams of mission workers that target a country and send groups to teach simple health care to different towns in that country. SO a team goes into a town, they stay for three weeks. They gather all the local health care workers, missionaries, and Jesus following leaders of the community and spend three weeks equipping them with teaching plans and material to teach simple health. Simple health would consist of basic hygienic, sanitation, wound care, common tropical diseases, and nutritional education that most third world nations don’t have. The goal of the program is to impact the country through the workers that are already living there by educating the local people. If you raise up people within the community that are making the changes then you really start to change death rates, health standards, and lives in that community. The best part is all the people that will be educating these communities LOVE JESUS!!! 

So why am I telling you, well because this opportunity in India is open to any Indian in the whole country to come and also going to be open for a few African to come. It is expensive for there travel and to pay for the three weeks they will be at the seminar. I wanted to give anybody the opportunity to sponsor equipping one of these Indians or Africans to go to this seminar. To tell you how cheap it is, if you sponsor a Indian to attend the seminar it is only 54 US Dollars!!!!! I used to spend that in a week on fast food, I am ashamed to say! So for 50 bucks you could greatly impact a nation and be apart of God’s kingdom coming to India! I don’t know how much it would be to sponsor an African, but if God put that on your heart then I could get that information for you. 

If God is speaking to you about this, you can spend the money to YWAM Perth (address below) with a note saying that it is to sponsor an India to go to India. 

Well we are starting a very busy week. I had a wonderful time with my family and will hopefully write more about it later! 

You are blessed to be a blessing.

PO Box 8501 Perth Business Centre, Western Australia, 6849, Australia

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